Design Detector Presents:

The Writing Room

Here you'll find an incomplete selection of my stories, poems and lyrics that I have written over the years.

NEW Empty Boxes (Short stories) (PDF)

NEW Spare Parts (Poetry) (PDF)

Lyrics For Half-written Songs*
Eye Of The Tigress - 28th December 2009
The Demon Temptress - 28th March 2009
Beer Table Heart - 15th January 2009
23 - 3rd April 2008
Soul Gangsta - 2008?
Find A Way - 2008?
Brainwashed - 8th November 2007
Everthere - 2006
NEW The Devil Inside Her (A collaboration with Ian Eveleigh) - 1993
NEW Unlucky Dip - date unknown
NEW Sterile - date unknown
NEW War And Pieces - date unknown

* Some of these songs have tunes already written, others not. There are also more lyrics as yet incomplete.

By Christopher Hester 10th July 2006 · Last updated: 9th October 2011