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Anchor/Link <a>
Acronym <acronym>
Abbreviation <abbr>
Address <address>

Bold <b>
Text direction <bdo>
Big <big>
Blockquote <blockquote>

Cite <cite>
Code <code>
Deleted <del>
Division <div>

Definition <dfn>
Definition term <dt>,<dl>
Definition description <dd>

Emphasis <em>
Font <font>
Form <form>,<input>,<select>,<optgroup>,<option>,<textarea>

Image <img>

Header 1 <h1>

Header 2 <h2>

Header 3 <h2>

Header 4 <h2>

Header 5 <h2>

Header 6 <h2>

Horizontal rule <hr>

Italic <i>
Inserted <ins>
Keyboard <kbd>
  1. Ordered list <ol>,<li>
  2. Second list item

Paragraph <p>

Pre-formatted <pre>

Short quotation <q>
Sample code <samp>
Small <small>
Span <span>
Strong <strong>
Subscripted <sub>
Superscripted <sup>
Table <table>,<tr>,<td>,<th>,<caption>,<colgroup>
Table header
Table cell 1 Table cell 2 Table cell 3

Teletype <tt>
Variable <var>

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