"Like any Harlequin, Duchamp didn't fight against randomness and uncertainty: he had used it to create his art."
—From The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks.


As with the quotation here, I have created a layout that uses random background colours. I found it gave many pleasing combinations. Many colours were ones I would never have thought to use before.
The text colour for each area is set to a light or dark shade depending on the random background colour chosen, so hopefully the content remains readable.
The colours generated for the page this time are below. Refresh the browser to see them change. Feel free to copy any pleasing colour schemes you see.

html, body:





Even the colour range chosen from is generated randomly. I found 0-255 gave overly bright colours, so I used 30-225 instead. (You can change this in the code.) The range chosen at random this time was:

Low (from 30-127):

High (from 128-225):

View the code used to generate the page here.