IE7 Repaint Bug

IE7 sometimes fails to fully paint the second group of divs below (the ones with the lists in them) leaving out some of the gradient. Switch to another program and back and some of the second group of divs can appear with a white background! Try also scrolling up and down the page to see this effect.

Plus, when some of the gradient is shown, moving up and down over the links repaints the background white!

I tracked it down to this line of code in my style sheet:

#formats li a:hover {background-color:#f00;}

This should have no effect whatsoever as it references an element #formats not included in the markup. Removing the line of code cures the bug.

Update 20 October 2006: This bug can also be triggered under different circumstances. In fact, it can also affect IE6 and IE5! I've created a new bug demo to show this. The page here still only shows a fault in IE7 though.



By Chris Hester 2 August 2006 · Last updated: 20 October 2006 · Related post