Blockquote List Bug

This bug affects Opera 7, 8 and 9. It does not appear in Firefox 1.5 or Internet Explorer 6. The bug was tested on Windows XP. It affects both ordered and unordered lists, but only when the blockquote is styled with position:relative. If so, then the list marker (a bullet or a number) drops down to the following paragraph. It should align with the start of the blockquote. In Opera 7 and 8, the list marker disappears!

  1. List item 1 starts here.
  2. This is a blockquote within the second list item, but appearing above it!

    The number for list item 2 should start with the blockquote above, but starts here instead.

  3. List item 3 starts here.

The Styles Used

These are applied in the <head> of the document as follows. They are based on code used by Anne van Kesteren on his site, where this bug first showed itself.

  1. blockquote {
  2. position:relative;
  3. border:1px solid blue;
  4. }
  6. /* just for styling purposes to make the demo clearer */
  7. #bug li {
  8. border:1px solid red;
  9. margin-bottom:16px;
  10. }
  12. /* for the Styles Used section */
  13. #styles li {
  14. background-color:#fed;
  15. border-bottom:2px dashed #fff;
  16. }
  17. .indent {margin-left:2em;}

Bug page created by Chris Hester 15th June 2006.