Damien Funk Interview

30th November 2001 · Last updated: 5th October 2016

Chris: For those that don't know, what is Funkworks all about?

Damien: Funkworks will be an underground community portal dedicated to art and photography. The end project will be driven from member input and artwork submissions. The main idea is to create a place where artists can find inspiration for their work.

What tools do you use to create stuff?

I try to use Fireworks and Photoshop as much as possible. I like using Fireworks for my initial layouts, then adding brush and color channel effects with Photoshop. Recently I've been experimenting with Macromedia Fontographer and LightWave 6.

How long have you been designing for the web?

Computers have always been a part of my life but I really started to get interested in '94. I've actually been designing for the web only 2 years.

How would you compare web design to print, or TV?

Interactivity! TV is great for watching static content. Print is still tops for magazines, brochures, and literature but the web dominates the interactive playground. Web designers have more freedom to express their creativity and content can be published in an almost unlimited number of formats.

Where do you see the future of design going on the Internet?

I see it closely paralleling the world of film production, only in a more interactive way. We will begin to see more projects like Derbauer and movies from Nando Costa and Animorphia.

"Collaboration supercharges their efforts and they continue to produce stunning illustrative work on a regular basis" - Damien on HalfProject

A lot of sites seem to copy the same style - 3D shards, Helvetica type, arrows etc. Is this a good thing, or should we be trying to create pages differently?

Individuality seems to be somewhat of a lost art, but I think it is too common a misperception to label artists simply because they dig a certain trend. Art is trendy, don't be afraid to go with the flow. But the song remains the same, there is no replacement for talent and original content. Some new faces on the scene are doing a great job of filling the shoes of many top artists and projects that have slowed down.

What sites have impressed you recently with their design?

Australian INfront! What more can be said? The new HalfProject really wowed me as well. Collaboration supercharges their efforts and they continue to produce stunning illustrative work on a regular basis. Computer.Love is emerging as the next major underground portal. Keep an eye on them. Also, take a look at the Design Is Dead portfolio.

Any long-term favourite sites you keep returning to? [Not just stylish ones - anything.]

Well, the last site I visit each day is CNN. I'm a news junky. You can find me at the INfront and Shodown forums regularly. Linkdup, the Factory512 links index, NewsToday, Rolling Stone and Wired magazines are some commons. I try to find the fresh content when surfing.

What advice would you give for anyone wanting to make a website with a fresh and original design?

Use your scanner and digital camera. Try to find outside sources of inspiration. Great ideas can come from books and magazines both new and old. An artists job is to collaborate various ideas and content to produce your final project. Never start with an empty plate! Listening to music always does the trick for me.

When you're not coding web pages, what else do you like to do?

I enjoy canoeing, salt water fishing, playing soccer and ice hockey, traveling, bookstores, the movies, listening to music, and most of all playing my guitar. Guitars and music are tops on my list.