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19th January 2005 · Last updated: 5th October 2016


Using Google, I discovered the following facts about "Chris Hester":

  • I'm a basketball player for the Eastern Washington Eagles. [Go see.]
  • I play college bowling at Morehead State University, Sophomore, Louisville, KY. [Go see.]
  • I work for MPI Home Video, producing over 2,000 titles including documentaries, movies and TV. [Go see.]
  • I'm a singer/guitarist/songwriter in a band called Second Glance! "Chris Hester does an exceptional job with this well-crafted synth-pop track" said [Go see.]
  • I offer help on the FreeLists site for people wanting "another Royal Kromrif Blood in Kael", whatever that is. [Go see.]
  • I'm a dentist listed in the Dental Community for Tupelo. [Go see.]
  • I'm a parent volunteer who exhibited at the 2003 American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Convention for Apraxia-Kids. [Go see.]
  • I own Club 735 in New Orleans! Apparently I want "eye candy. Everywhere". [Go see.]

    A native of Chicago, Hester has worked as a music promoter for mostly hip-hop and R&B acts, both in his hometown and Houston. He now wants to bring that big-city polish to a market he believes is starved for such offerings. "We're going to have nothing but top-of-the-line stuff, from seat cushions to liquors to DJs," Hester says. "We want to have an inviting place for professionals to come and relax. We'll offer excellent cigars, because that's the clientele we're looking for — the people that enjoy the finer things in life."

  • I'm a technical writer who works from home. [Go see.]
  • I'm a Seattle sportscaster and contributor to, writing on sports like baseball, basketball and college football. [Go see.] With Jeff Anderson, I have devised The Anderson & Hester College Football Computer Rankings.
  • I'm the Chief Technology Officer for Pan (Performance Assessment Network). I "designed the system architecture and programming logic" for Pan. I have "specialized in database management and user interface design" for much of my career. (Sounds apt!) [Go see.]
  • I'm the Athletic Director/Head Coach of Women's Basketball at Bethel College, St. Paul, MN. [Go see.]
  • I'm the Chapter President and Quest To Greece Ambassador for the LSU Tigers. [Go see.]
  • I'm a member of 4-H ("the youth development program of the Cooperative Extension Service, College of Agriculture & Home Economics, New Mexico State University"). At the Yucca 4-H club in Lea County, I serve as County Council Delegate. My committee work has consisted of "serving on the homecoming float committee, Electric Light Parade committee, Fun in the Sun Horse Show planning committee, and the dance committee". [Go see.]
  • I was a Pallbearer at a Franklin County funeral, January 2005. [Go see.]
  • I was in the Berea High School (Greenville, SC) Class of 1995. [Go see.]
  • I was in the development team for the PowerBuilder Foundation Class Library. [Go see.]
  • I am "a Senior with a Professional Geography major and a minor in Management at the University of North Alabama". [Go see.]
  • I played football for the Nicholls State University ("Colonels" team) as a senior Defensive Line player. [Go see.]
  • I won my weight class to compete in the Evansville Memorial Invitational Wrestling Tournament. [Go see.]
  • I'm in the US navy. [Go see.]
  • I was a Winter 2003 Division 2 Volleyball Champion. [Go see.]
  • I work as Assistant Accountant for New Zealand Bloodstock. [Go see.]
  • I posted the following message on the Federal Communications Commission site. (See the sixth post under "Comments in the Matter of Creation of Low Power Radio Service, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking".) [Go see.]

    Please the LPFM so that I may have a chance at broadcasting gospel music 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to my city. I am interested in applying for a LPFM license for Bartlesville, OK. Please let me know what I need to do to be first in line! Thanks for you attention to the matter.

  • According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, at the Washington Regional Medical Center on the 16th December 2004, my wife had a son, Jared Andrew. [Go see.]
  • I wrote an article entitled "Grand Canyon Habitat Restoration" in Volume II, Issue 2 of Planting Foundations. [Go see. (PDF 325Kb)]
  • I was involved in the Iowa Communication Network's workshop for Cats, via Atlantic Middle School. "More than 50 schools from all parts of Iowa will participate in the live, interactive workshops through the state fiber-optic network." [Go see.]
  • I'm the Sales Manager for Graphic Technology Services in Fairfield, NJ. [Go see.]
  • I'm known as 'moebius1842' on the Neoseeker forums, a student/musician from Celina, TX. [Go see.] My profile says:

    I'm 22 years old, been playing video games since before I could walk... I'm mostly about FPS and tactical games but I enjoy the occasional rpg and sports game.

    I also have a band Actis who play "Melodic Rock in every sense".
  • In High School Golf, I led my side Loyd Star to a win over West Lincoln with a 2-under-par 33 at Brookhaven CC in March 2004. [Go see.]
  • In "Key Regional Contacts for families of children with a disability Barwon South West Region" (Australia) I'm listed under Gateways Support Services. [Go see. (PDF 116Kb)]
  • I'm the Vice Chairperson of Moderaterna, a Swedish political party. [Go see.]
  • I wanted a skateboard for Christmas. [Go see.]
  • I'm in the Boy Scouts of America (Southern Region, "Order of the Arrow") as a Tipisa Lodge Chief, where I picked up a "spirit award". [Go see.]
  • I'm a Council member at the Alabama League Of Municipalities, Pine Ridge. [Go see.]
  • I'm on the Davenport Community School District Advisory Council supporting the "Anders Tour Blood Drive". [Go see. (PDF 7Kb)]
  • I'm a firefighter in Saybrook, Illinois. [Go see.] How cool are these fire engines?
  • I'm a Production/Underwriting Manager for Electronic Exchange Systems, a "national provider of merchant processing solutions". I wrote an article "Underwriting in Today's Credit Card World" for Green Sheet. [Go see.]
  • I was on the Steering Committee for "It's Reigning Cats and Dogs; Lunch with First Lady Laura Bush and Barney"! (Entertainment by Kinky Friedman & Friends!) [Go see.]
  • I was a graduate intern in 2000 for the Brownfields Program - "An excellent opportunity for graduate environmental studies students to gain experience working for the state environmental agency". [Go see. PDF (3Mb)]
  • My younger brother, Officer Michael T. Hester of the US Marines, was killed "in the line of duty 4-19-1994". [Go see.]
  • I play in a band called Receptacle. [Go see.]

    Chris Hester was born in Charlotte, NC in 1968 and grew up in Claremont NC. He has had a passion for music since an early age. Chris started taking guitar lessons at the age of 9 years old. He started learning to play Bluegrass music from some members of a band called The CM Traveling Show. Later they changed their name to Long Rider. At the age of 12 Chris taught himself to play Rock-n-Roll. In the late 80's, when Chris was 17, he and some friend formed their own band named 'TZN. Chris's love for music has brought him to the band RECEPTACLE where he has co-written the Album "In His Hands"... All of Chris's family supports him in his quest to play music and spread the word of God through his music.

  • In the 17th Annual Southern Sprints Indoor Championships February 2000, I competed for Melbourne High School in the Coxswain Events (1000m distance). [Go see.]
  • I was Student Government President in 1997-98 at the Collins Living-Learning Center, Bloomington, IN. [Go see.]
  • I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist at the Baptist Hypnosis Center. [Go see.]
  • I'm connected with Jimmy Buffett's Radio Margaritaville, New Orleans. [Go see.]
  • I'm the President of Decisionware, Indianapolis, IN. [Go see.]

These are just a few I found - I'm sure there are many more! If any of these are the same person, let me know and I'll join the entries together. Obviously the above people listed are not the same person as me, who writes this site. So "I" refers to the person named in the linked page for each entry. Just incase you thought I'd done all the above things!

This leads me to an interesting conclusion. How can anyone tell if it was me listed on a website? Or me who posted a message on a forum? I think I will need to use a unique name from now on!

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  1. Whitingx:
    :-D Very funny post. I'll have to try this myself sometime and see what I'm doing in the world.

    "I'm a Certified Hypnotherapist at the Baptist Hypnosis Center." - :-D

    Posted on 8 February 2005 at 4:21 pm