The September Project Day 8

The eighth in an attempt to show a different photograph for each day in September.

8th September 2004 · Last updated: 5th October 2016


  1. Monitor Problems!
  2. New Versions (For CRT Monitors)
  3. Old Versions (For TFT Monitors)

Meeting Room

All images (on Flickr)

Update 22nd July 2007: The photos are available on Flickr now, so the link above has been updated.

Monitor Problems!

I checked the last seven days' photographs on a CRT monitor, as I use a TFT. I was shocked to see how dark they all looked! That's a problem when working with TFTs - they're so bright. (I have the brightness turned right down on mine and it's still too bright.) So when I edit a photograph at home and think I've got the brightness and contrast just right, I can no longer be sure, as it depends what type of monitor you use. Then there are Macs, which apparently have a different gamma setting for the colours on their screens. (Even a browser can show background colours on a page differently. I remember Netscape 4 gave a slightly different tint.)

So I've upped the brightness on the last seven images until they suit a CRT monitor screen, as best I can. With the photo of the window with the red glass, the CRT version has lost some detail in the glass. Perhaps others have too. This is going to make it really difficult working with photographs in the future. Does anyone have any advice?

Here are the new versions of each image, suitable for CRT monitors (I hope!). (I didn't bother with the darker version of the window as it seemed okay as it was.) Try these and compare them to the originals in the last seven posts, which I've put below. Which look right to you?

New Versions (For CRT Monitors)

Bedroom Red Glass Window Fire Extinguishers USB Drive Boiler Stairs Stairs Blue Broken Windows

Old Versions (For TFT Monitors)

Bedroom Red Glass Window Fire Extinguishers USB Drive Boiler Stairs Stairs Blue Broken Windows

Note: Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them.

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  1. Berenger:
    I use a dual monitor setup with two different models of iiyama monitors and the CRT set looks too bright on the monitor where it has not been calibrated using the Adobe utility and about right on the one that is calibrated. Whereas the TFT versions look better on the monitor that isn't calibrated.

    Posted on 9 September 2004 at 4:57 pm