The Weather In May

Hailstones and freezing weather is becoming the norm for May in the UK.

22nd May 2004 · Last updated: 5th October 2016

Today we had hailstones! UK weather is no longer clearly separated into winters and summers - it's all mixed together. One week can be scorching hot, the next freezing! Every time I turn off my central heating, thinking I won't need that on again for a few months, I end up putting it back on.

It reminds me of that Marillion song Seasons End, from the album of the same name:

"Getting close to seasons' end,
I heard somebody say
That it may never snow again in England."

I'm also reminded of the Prince song Sometimes It Snows In April. It does too. What happens in the UK now with the weather is that 'summer' carries on into the autumn, while winter (which is much warmer and hardly ever brings snow) carries on into spring! Maybe it's all down to global warming. The bees and flowers don't know what to do.