CSS Pencils 2.2 Released

7th May 2004 · Last updated: 5th October 2016

I have created Version 2.2 of my CSS Pencils demo especially for Opera 7.50. This was necessary because of a change in the way JavaScript reads style colours on a page. The browser no longer returns the colours in RGB format - instead they are now in hex. I have read that other browsers may follow this change. If so, I hope this new version will also work for them.

I have tested the new demo in Opera 7.50 Preview 4 and Beta 1 and it seems pretty quick. You can actually see the colour change as the image is updated in real-time. As far as I know, only Opera does this - the other browsers make you wait before changing the page directly when using JavaScript in this way. (Normally changing a page happens so fast that it appears instant, but my demo is intense!)