A New Logo

8th April 2004 · Last updated: 5th October 2016

I tried to make a new logo for this site when creating the latest layout.* Nothing was looking too hot, so I scoured my hard drive for inspiration. I've had this phrase in my head recently: Sometimes the things you want are already yours! You've just forgotten they're there. Well it turned out I had a ready-made logo sitting on my computer all the time. I had just never made use of it.

I'd like to add a link here to the full-size original of the logo. I think it's worth seeing because of the neat bevel and shadow effects I managed to come up with in Photoshop. I also spent time kerning the lettering so the two lines fit together nicely. I knew this logo was worth keeping, but I couldn't see a way to use it until now.

*Update 19th October 2004: This relates to a previous layout.