Shine On You Crazy Moose

15th December 2003 · Last updated: 5th October 2016


I was going to link to several of the Literary Moose's new CSS demos but every time I look at his site, he's added another one. They are all outstanding. I think this guy is a genius. (Oh wait, didn't he say that about me?) Pushing the boundaries of CSS not for twisted pleasure, nor self-gratification, but to show exciting new methods of displaying interactive content. And that's what the web's all about isn't it?

He also publishes a superb XML feed that comes beautifully styled the same way a normal page would. So bookmark this now to learn about the Moose's latest experiments. Naturally, Internet Explorer 6 users will be left cold. That outdated browser simply can't handle enough CSS. But if you use Opera and Mozilla or Firebird, waste no more time here - visit the Moose's website CSS Destroy now.

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  1. csant:
    "That outdated browser simply can't handle enough CSS"

    ...and might choke on application/xhtml+xml... there wouldn't be much to enjoy for IE users anyway ;-) so they better stay off.

    Posted on 18th December 2003 at 9:31 am