Bad Design In Programs 2

5th December 2003 · Last updated: 5th October 2016

WS_FTP LE screenshotHere's another example of 'unusual' program design, this time from WS_FTP LE:

To change the font used to display files, you can choose from the options under 'List Box Font'. If you click on 'Custom Font' a pop-up window appears from where you can select any font on your system. How do you change the font again? Click on the radio button again! (Or the text next to it.)

This is a completely new use of forms. The standard method in Windows is to click on a radio button, then press another button to confirm your choice. When I first tried changing the fonts in this new way, I was clicking on another option, then back to the Custom Fonts one just to reactivate the pop-up window effect. I found myself easily confused - I'm sure others will be too. It's simply not the way forms normally work. There should be a separate button to choose fonts.