13th August 2003 · Last updated: 5th October 2016

I'm slowly improving this website, so bear with me while I implement some exciting new features. The first of these is the Comments system you'll now find under certain entries on this page. Eventually all new items should have comments, along with all artwork, photographs etc.

I also plan to improve the comments system over time. I apologise for the lack of formatting in your comments, such as bold, italic and so on. I've tried two ways to implement this but both suffered from errors, so I had to take out the code. I hope to solve the problem soon.

Here are some future improvements to look out for:

  • A consistent look across each page. (A lot of pages are still using my old design!)
  • Better custom styles you can select from the top menu
  • The Resources links section is rubbish. I need to sort it out!
  • Much greater emphasis on web coding with tips and mini-articles
  • More accessibility improvements
  • Other features I think would suit visitors

If you've any suggestions why not use the Comments link right here? If you have any good or bad points to make about the existing pages instead, let me know.