Trying To Stranglehold The Internet

21st September 2002 · Last updated: 5th October 2016

A disturbing report in Issue 103 of .net magazine claims "a new European law could make it illegal for you to hack your DVD software or remove spyware from your system". Furthermore "a court case involving the Gator advertising system could make it illegal to disable the graphics in your Web browser". Bang goes accessibility! Apparently it infringes copyright protection because it interferes with the rights of web publishers to control how their pages are shown. Of course the way we've been led to believe the web is heading is for users to be able to actively choose the style of the page to suit their eyesight or personal taste. If publishers want to fix their font sizes and image sizes in virtual concrete, then they will be hurting themselves by losing visitors. Once again it's big business trying to stranglehold the Internet.