New Look; Shocking News

20th August 2002 · Last updated: 5th October 2016

Welcome to the new look of my website! It's no longer a mix of my work and the odd submission. Sadly, new work sent in dried up, while my Picture Tennis died a silent death. But now the site is back, meaner and sharper than before. You will find many tweaks here and there, though I have yet to decide what to do with all the different colours used throughout the site. See, when I came to make this page, I tried various colours, but settled on black and white. I felt there simply wasn't any need for colour - nor any images! Hope you like it.

I am also making the code accessible, trying to follow the W3C guidelines. See how you can hover over the letters W3C there and get the full wording? Just one of many extras I shall be adding over time, that will make this site friendly for disabled people as well. There's no excuse not to.

Shocking News

Netscape 4.8 has been announced. Why, why, why? Look out for my next article, What's Wrong With Netscape 4. It has to be written. (Discuss)