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June 2001
AT LAST! THIS IS THE NEWS I'VE BEEN HOPING FOR! Affordable high resolution screens! An end to blocky text fonts on screen and graphics clearly made from pixels. I can't wait!

Improvements (Caution: Geekspeak!)
I've tweaked this weblog even more. I realized I'd used a fixed height for the lines inbetween each column, making pages like the Links page look almost completely empty. The problem was that when I enlarged the line width for the text in the columns to make it clearer, and to make the links less cluttered and easier to click on, it gave me a page longer than the lines between the columns. Since they were centred, this produced an unsightly gap at the top and bottom. The lines were created using a 1x1 pixel gif of colour - a common trick in web design, as you can then stretch the gif to create a line. Silly me - I realized I should have made the gif transparent instead, so it doesn't show on screen, but magically fixes the width of the table cell it's in. Otherwise you get a wider cell. The colour of the line now comes from the table cell background instead. This means that if the page is shorter or longer, the cell expands to fit the length of the page. Great! I also changed the colour from brown to a light grey, which is easier on the eye.

June 2001
My online portfolio site has been redesigned! I've started adding loads of photographs, but only a few are up at the moment. Keep checking the site for more!

Since the free counter I use at home and at work is soon to stop giving many key features for free, people like me are on the lookout for alternatives. I worked out it was fairly easy to write your own counter code in PHP! But then I found this stunning site for a free program called Analog, which offers brilliant summaries of your web server's logfiles. So you can get detailed information on the number of visitors to your website. It can also give you a list of the most popular pages, so you can improve the page least visited! Plus a whole lot more. There are even add-ons to give the results graphically, ie: in a bar or pie chart. Looking at the program's own sample hit rates, it's an extremely popular website! Go and see for yourself how many hits they get per day!

Google Images
Google have added a cool search engine specifically for images. The results show the image size in pixels and bytes. It's great fun to type in a word and see what you can get!

More links added!

July 2001
I've been working on my Portfolio site a lot recently, adding several new pieces of artwork. Make sure you take a look.

American Sex Machines
I thought Frank Zappa's robotic lovers on his album Joe's Garage were from the future, but this book reveals how patents have been filed for such machines. It's an idea designed to prevent AIDS! What's more, there are hundreds of truly wacky patents for sex gadgets detailed here, going way back to Victorian times! You simply won't believe the site promoting this book!

The File Room
I stumbled across this one recently - an archive of censored work, detailing the court actions taken to ban it, and the resulting verdict.

Mad about Madonna?
Then you need the Madonna Catalog, listing everything she's released (and not released) complete with CD covers. (Gotta love that 2CD wooden box!) There are loads of photos and information too. Best of all, you'll find a link to scans of Madonna's Sex book - every page! Why else was I on this site? ;-)