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July 2001
The Drudge Report has to be one of the most comprehensive sites for international and UK news around. It looks a dog, but check the number of links, and the millions of hits it gets per day!

Photoshop Tennis anyone?
If you're feeling withdrawal symptoms now Wimbledon has finished, then pop along to the Coudal Partners Inc site. Photoshop Tennis comprises of a match between two designers to create a final piece of artwork. One serves, sending a layer of work to the other. He hits back via email with a second layer. The match continues, each player adding a new layer on top until they decide the work is complete. Judging by the results from the first two matches, we're in for some stunning play!

So many, so good
I've lost track of the hot new sites out there. I'll gradually be feeding them into my Links section, so make sure you pay a regular visit there. Here are the ones that really stood out recently:


Club Sandwich

E N E S S - The best interface design I've yet seen.

Photoshop Club

Ancient Artz

17th July 2001
I received a new kind of jiffy bag in the post today, so I thought I'd scan in the words stamped on it. Then the whole scan looked so good, I made it into the new background for my Artwork page! I managed to compress it down to just 170K, even though it's such a large image. I then relayed the whole page to fit around it. Take a look!

13th July 2001
Added another wallpaper image. Oddly, it's all in black and white shades - I never added any colour! Check it out via the Wallpaper link.

13th July 2001
Deviant Art!!!

8th July 2001
Found another classic design site, courtesy of Damien Funk's amazing lists! It's by an artist who's worked on Surfstation, Create Online magazine and more, so you know the quality to expect. Some stunning artwork here.

7th July 2001
Redid the Artwork page - again! Added 3 new pieces using a new style I've developed. See what you think.

June 2001
All the photos of the Bradford Festival I took are now up. See the Photography section.

22nd July 2001
The old weblog is no more! The archives are still there, and these will continue to be added to, using news from the main page of my Portfolio site instead.

21st July 2001
New artwork and wallpaper added.

20th July 2001
Added another image on the Artwork page, created for the 5 Pieces site.

Talking of artwork, here's a superb example, from the back of the Kitaro album 'Dreams':
Kitaro Dreams back cover

19th July 2001
Reduced the background image from 170K to 81K; Improved the drop-down menu; Changed the colour scheme including the logo; More improvements to come!

18th July 2001
A new layout! Needs some fine tuning. Hope you like it!