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18th September 2001
Here are the thoughts of a New York 'cybergrrl' trying to come to terms with recent events.

17th September 2001
I haven't been up to posting recently, following the tragic events last week in America. I realised the lyrics to Peter Gabriel's 'Biko' could be rewritten to match the events of September 11th. You can see a comparison between my lyrics and Peter's here.

Did George Bush shoot down the fourth plane? This story thinks so.

29th August 2001
Revealed: the hidden files Windows doesn't want you to see. Essential reading.

29th August 2001
2Advanced continues to look cool. Futuristic yet simple Flash makes for a great interface.

26th August 2001
Here's a FREE 3D program called Strata 3D Base. You can save files and it won't time out. In fact, there's a host of superb features it gives you, as it's based on the cutting edge program Strata 3D Pro. The results are fantastic. Here's what I came up with after just 10 minutes! (Click on the image to see a larger version.)

Strata 3D Base example image

To see what you can really do with it, have a look at this guy's stunning pictures!

To download the free program, go to the Strata homepage. Take a look at the Gallery of amazing 3D images while you're there!