24th April to 1st May 2001 © Chris Hester 2001 Back

24th April 2001
Found this excellent weblog called Ferocious Things - I'm jealous!

26th April 2001
Unearthed this nifty little FREE image program ImagoWeb. It has a cool feature that shows you an onscreen list of all images in the current directory - great for finding the right one. Also it has some unique filters that I've not seen elsewhere. Well worth downloading at only 721Kb.

The Whole, Gruesome, Aureate Spyware Story!
(By Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation.) What that guy doesn't know about security on your PC probably isn't worth knowing! I only just found out about this one. Seems there's a program called Radiate (previously known as Aureate) that's classed as "spyware", allegedly able to send back information to the makers without your knowledge. Read the story.

"HTML-Kit is a full-featured text editor designed to help HTML, XML and script authors to edit, format, lookup help, validate, preview and publish web pages." This one looks great - anybody used it?

28th April 2001
Found a new way of taking candid photographs, using the multi-shot mode on my camera. This keeps taking shots as long as you hold down the button. I tried carrying it around town at arms length, with my finger poised over the button. Outside, I managed to record various shots of the city streets - see the example shown below. The angle of the camera when held down clearly led to some unusually angled shots, but this was all experimentation - I wasn't after perfection. Here's also a looping animation of city streets I came up with.

City streets

Inside shops, I found the light too poor to get clear photos. The best one is below.


1st May 2001
Write The Web is an example of a clear layout that I like to see. Plus you're straight into the content, and there are no annoying flashing banners. The icons used for articles are confusing, but I'm forced to think: Why can't more sites be like this?

Seems there's a whole new wave of hype on the net for this Spielberg movie. You can go to the official website and chat with the 'chatbot'. Or visit Write The Web for the lowdown on what's turning out to be a fascinating challenge people have taken up. Anyone wanting to know just why this movie is rather special should try this article. It's from a brilliant site I found called Upcoming Movies. Now that is good content.

I've been trying to get my head round XML when I found this amazing site. Whatever you want to learn, HTML or other languages, W3Schools offer free online training that's as easy as pie to follow. You're led through example scripts and can even interact with some of them to see how they work. In no time at all I'd learnt more than I ever thought I might. Top marks! No wonder they say they get a million hits a day!