23rd July to August 2001 © Chris Hester 2001 Back

24th July 2001
Heavy by name, heavy by content! Superb bold design. Check out all those sample funny movies! An essential visit.

Solved the bug detailed below. Turned out to be caused by the invisible edge of the blue man image overlapping the text layer here (I think). So I set the text layer to be placed higher up, which seems to have worked.

23rd July 2001
Music fans should definitely bookmark this one: Temptations.

Flash-heads, go to Fraction Crypt for a new site with some wicked experiments to see - loved the mouse-movement recorder! Could be useful in tracking a user on the page?

A bug? Using Internet Explorer 5.5 on a PC running Windows 98, I'm moving my mouse over the link word "Crypt" above, and the mouse pointer is not changing to a hand to indicate it's a link! Yet the word "Fraction" highlights both words as a link. What the!? I've checked my code - can't see anything wrong there.

31st July 2001
I was stunned by the supercool mix of graphics and photos over at Designgraphik. It's a while since I've been there, so it was like a whole new site to enjoy. Simply brilliant work. Make sure you turn on your sound for the obligatory hiphop and drum and bass music too.

Follow it up with a helping of Archinect, bringing together designers.

30th July 2001
You have GOT to check this site NOW: Orisinal. I love the pastel colours, and great Flash demos. Damn, it's cool!

Finally checked out the new design for Noodlebox. It's one of those essential sites that makes your jaw drop. The old version, still there to see, featured amazing 3D blocks that you could move around and stack up. Each led to a room of experimental Flash effects. The new version is just as stunning. Creator Daniel Brown has found a way to make Flash paint with light. It's a moving experience not to miss.

29th July 2001
What is it with sites closing down at the moment? First we had k10k - okay, only closed for the summer, but why close at all? Now I find Photoshop Club has bitten the dust. That was one of the best looking sites with some great tips for users. WHY!!!!!

27th July 2001
Try Shodown for great designer artwork. They also run a superb forum where you can hang out with other web designers.

22nd August 2001
This site had me glued. Simply great fun. Spend some time in the life of A Robot Named John.

A New Version Of Windows
Windows RG has been released! (Care of the LGF weblog.)

21st August 2001
Added loads of new artwork and improved that section no end. Discovered a great way to create images of swirling colours in Photoshop. Check out the results on my Artwork page.

17th August 2001
A List Apart have published a superb practical demo of how CSS can replace tables. To us designers, it's exciting stuff.

17th August 2001
The Shodown Forum has had a cool makeover. Check it out.

10th August 2001
Welcome to the new look Portfolio! I've been busy experimenting with trans-parency! I hope you like it.

There are many improvements still to come. (I hope to make the window panels moveable, for a start.) Note you can change the background image using the pictures above. I'll be adding more backgrounds later.

I've added another wallpaper image today - see what you think. The idea of the panel next to this one is to show the latest (or greatest) pieces of work I've done. So when you next visit the site, you can tell if there are new works to see.