Always Specify A Background Colour

Avoid a mix of unwanted colours on your page.

11th January 2007 · Last updated: 5th October 2016


It's a good idea to always specify the background colour in the styles for your page. Why? Because many browsers allow you to change the default background colour, which is usually white. I recently changed my browsers to a different colour and was amazed at how many websites were now displayed with that colour as part of the main background. A lot of pages seemed to apply a white background only in certain areas, so the result was a mix of colours. This included many of my own pages from the past! I realised that, were I to choose a dark colour for the background, the text on many websites would become unreadable. So it makes sense for authors to apply both a background and a text colour to the main elements, <html> and <body>. The code to apply a white background with black text would look like this:

html, body {background-color:#fff; color:#000;}

Here are examples of how a few sites looked after I changed the background colour in my browser to yellow. Oh dear! Not quite what the designers had in mind!

Apple Education
Apple Education

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  1. Mike Cherim:

    Totally agree... big pet peeve of mine since I have a gray background on my browser. I see lots of sites that look awful because of this simple lack of color specification.

    Sent in by email on 16th January 2007
  2. Jorge Laranjo:
    I believe that this code:

    html, body {background-color:#fff; color:#000;}

    can be written as

    body {background-color:#fff; color:#000;}

    or even

    html body {background-color:#fff; color:#000;}

    I just don't understand for what stands for

    html, body ...

    Why do you use the ',' ?

    Sent in by email on 21st January 2007
  3. Chris Hester:
    Why the comma? Because you can style the HTML element separately, not just the BODY. So to avoid an unwanted mix, I style both.

    Posted on 21st January 2007 at 8:13 pm
  4. David Stevens:
    I had specified background & text colors, but text colors only when I wanted them to differ from the default black on white. Incorrectly assuming that they would always remain in this default state.

    Thanks for the tip!

    I am trying to learn PHP and have been reading your article on PHP flat files. I am looking forward to using that information in a future project.

    Sent in by email on 21st January 2007
  5. R Walker:
    Most current browser have the "browser" stylesheet set to white, but I think [from memory] that Netscape 4 had it set to a medium grey. So you should always explicitly set it.

    Also 'background-color:#fff' can be shortened to 'background:#fff'

    Sent in by email on 25th January 2007