Random Demo No.3

5th April 2006 · Last updated: 15th February 2022

I wanted to answer to a burning question I've been pondering over recently, but couldn't decide between YES or NO. Then I thought I could rework my last demo to display a random answer. Just like those Magic 8-Balls that people make life-changing, or just mundane, decisions with. My idea also ties in with a novel I'm reading at the moment, called The Traveller by John Twelve Hawks. In a way it echoes the idea behind the famous Diceman novel, where a character leads their life based on the roll of a die. With The Traveller, certain people make use of what's called a Random Number Generator, or RNG. It's a device the size of a matchbox, and can offer help with any basic question by flashing up a random number on a small screen. Wouldn't it be scary to live your life that way? I don't plan to, but a little randomness now and then is surely a good thing.

The Demo

Random Answer Demo

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