A poem I wrote about rain

7th April 2006 · Last updated: 5th October 2016

You don't need a weatherman when every day it rains
Droplets always falling through the sky like dancing grains
People walking round in hoods
Robbers dealing stolen goods.

Bicycles on windy streets
Children fumbling treasured sweets
Booting footballs over ground
To fall in bushes, never found.

Branches blooming, mossy walls
Daffodils still growing tall
It must be spring, though it feels cold
The winter's long but won't grow old.

Sometimes a rainbow breaks the sky
The sun emerging for a while
Before dissolving under clouds
That hang above the milling crowds.

If only we could fix the sun
Up in the sky for everyone
Umbrellas could be thrown away
But no — we'd only miss the rain.