Web Standards Is A Journey Not A Destination

2nd August 2005 · Last updated: 5th October 2016

This caught my eye today, from an interview with Daniel Frommelt by The Web Standards Project (WaSP):

"Web Standards is a journey not a destination. We are all continually learning, so get up to speed and share the wealth because there is a lot more to learn! We have yet to scratch the surface on the DOM and Aural CSS, much less all of the really cool things going on now with the new recommendations at W3C!"

Daniel was responsible for organising a remake of Slashdot's front page two years ago. You may remember an article on A List Apart about this. Daniel managed to show that Slashdot's old-school code of tables and font tags could be replaced with XHTML and CSS, saving many bytes. It was then straightforward to produce a mobile version, a print stylesheet and rearrange the layout easily. You can read more in an article on Daniel's University of Wisconsin-Platteville site.